How to style an oversized sweater


I will be showing you how I styled my oversized sweater gifted to me by my brother but before that.

Hello everyone, welcome to my space on the internet. This is going to be my first fashion post on my blog, I’m so excited about this

How to style an oversized sweater

Today, I would be showing you how I styled my oversized orange sweater

For those who know me before now, I love wearing colored outfits, I live for colors, wearing colored outfits is one of my favorite things to and might be one of my love languages… LOL

That’s why they call me Queen of colors

How to style an oversized sweater

Like I said earlier, my brother gifted me this orange sweater and I didn’t know how to style it at first but it can’t just be hanging beautifully in my wardrobe and I won’t show the world my sweater, that’s impossible

I thought about how to style it but I don’t want something basic, the more extra your dressing is, the more Aduni loves it

How to style an oversized sweater

After thinking about it, I had a few options but I choose the best one, the one that speaks color, vintage fashion and round beautiful

I decided to style it with the blue pants I wore to Stylebyzenith before covid and the pictures came out just as I expected

How to style an oversized sweater


5 Tips on how to style your oversized sweater

•Add some jewelry: The right accessories, especially a statement necklace or bangles can add polish to a comfy, slouchy sweater

•Choose chic shoes, for example, boots

•You can Make it into a dress: if it’s big enough and wear see-through leggings as the pants

•Pick the right pants: You can wear a fitted pants or tailored big pants as I did, it all depends on your style

•You can style with a skirt

Outfit Details

•Pants and Vintage Scarf: I made it myself
•Sweater and sneakers: Gifted by my brother
•Makeup: precious (my sweet friend)

Do let me know in the comment section if this is a color you’d try and let me know the colors you’d want me to wear together

Till next time, have fun

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