I visited the suntan Beach located somewhere at the end of Lagos State and I must say it was an amazing and fun-filled experience

Today I would be sharing my experience about my visit to Suntan Beach on the 5th of September 2021

The plan was to visit the most talked-about whispering palms but plans changed last minute when we entered Badagry but that’s by the way

Suntan beach

To begin with, I didn’t even know there was a beach called Suntan Beach in Nigeria and I’m sure most of you haven’t heard of it either

Like I said earlier, we left the house with the intention of visiting Whispering Palms in Badagry but we ended up in Suntan Beach, which wasn’t a bad idea at all


Suntan Beach is a government-owned (public) beach in the west of Lagos city.

It’s located about a 15-minute car ride from the border of the Benin Republic.

HOW TO GET TO THE BEACH( Lagos Mainland)

We took off from Lasu- Igando road and passed through First Gate and we linked Agbara then en-route Lagos- Badagry Expressway

We spent roughly 3 hours from Lasu-Igando road to our destination and it was on a Sunday, imagine if it was during weekdaysSuntan Beach


In my opinion, Suntan Beach isn’t far but the roads are bad, if you aren’t good with driving please don’t drive because we were switching from both sides on the road and there were trailers everywhere

There are also a lot of stops over on the road, from Lastma to police officers to immigration officers 5 minutes from each other and you will be stopped and asked questions at each stopover both going and coming

Although the stopover coming back isn’t much like the stopover going into BadagrySuntan beach


• Your Name
• Your Tribe
• Where you are headed/Coming from
• Your State of Origin

I’d advise you to go with a means of identification


We paid 200 nairas for parking for cars, the parking fee for the bus is 500 ( there isn’t a ticket for this)

The Parking Area is very spacious and can take a lot of cars unlike another beach

We paid 500 naira each for entry but the entry fee for kids is 200 and you get a ticket before entering the beachSuntan beach


To begin with, Suntan Beach is really big and Beautiful, nature at its peak

It has to be the most beautiful and best beach have visited in Lagos

We rent a tent for 3000 nairas only or you could choose not to

1. Its a perfect location for picnic and hangout
2. Enjoy the Sunset and View of the Sea
3. Enjoy live music from different groups of people and solo artists (mostly Hausa/begun tribe)
4. Take a walk around the beach
5. The perfect place for pictures and videos

In addition, you can go in with your foods and drinks or you can get food and drinks in there

There are varieties of food at suntan beach so you get to pick even Suya Spot isn’t left out

We went with our food though, we only bought drinks at the beach and the prices aren’t on the high sideSuntan beach


• Chivita Exotic Drink = 1200(naira)
• Best Cream( Small Size) =1500(naira)
• Monster Drink = 700(naira)
• Bottled Water = 100(naira)

A boy named Samuel took our orders and he delivered perfectly well for his age, he should be around 10/11 years old but he’s outspoken and good. I recommend Samuel when you visit the beach

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about getting pictures at suntan beach because there are stand by photographers at suntan beach to take your pictures and they send you the soft copy at the rate of 200 nairas each

The more your pictures, the lesser the price

Suntan beach

In Conclusion, Suntan beach is one of the beaches to visit in Lagos, Nigeria. I recommend the beach because it isn’t crowded, it’s really neat, spacious and beautiful

You should visit Suntan Beach if you are in Lagos. You might also enjoy how I styled my oversized sweater HERE

All pictures were snapped by a photographer at the beach and they were all unaware pictures, was posing for the phone camera, didn’t know I was being snapped by a professional camera


You can read more about Suntan Beach HERE

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  1. Anastasija at Thirsty for Tan

    Wow, Suntan Beach sounds like the perfect destination for relaxation and fun in the sun—can you tell me more about the activities available for families?

    1. There are different activities you can engage in as a family such as beach bowling, building beach houses with your kids, playing games and bonding under the hut houses and so much more

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