I will be sharing with you things to do during Ramadan but before that let’s talk about my last outing/hanging out with my loved ones in Islam

Hello besties, today’s post will be a little different because it will be focused on some set of people/ individuals

Things to do during Ramadan

On the 27th of March 2022, a hangout was organized by a foundation where I volunteer to help the less privileged

The name of the foundation is Feed the Vulnerable Family (FTVF) you can check out the foundation’s website, HERE

We visited the most famous park in Lagos Nigeria, Johnson Jakande Tinubu(JJT PARK), which was named after the past governors of Lagos State

Things to do during Ramadan

I’m pretty sure I have blogged about the park before I lost my previous blog post but that’s by the way

The JJT PARK is located in Ikeja, Alausa a stone’s throw from the Lagos State house of assembly, and the amazing thing about the park is, it is a free access park I.e: it’s open to everyone from different walks of life

We had our foundations hang out there last Sunday and it was full of fun. Check out some of the pictures below

Things to do during Ramadan

Things to do during Ramadan


Things to do during Ramadan Back to the real reason, we are here

RAMADAN MUBARAK to my brothers and sisters in Islam

For my non-Muslim readers, Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar where Muslims around the world fast for either 29 or 30days this year Ramadan started on Saturday, 2nd of April 2022 and it’s going to end on the 2nd of May 2022

As all my Muslim readers know, Ramadan is the month where we get closer to our creator, purify our mind, soul, and most importantly ask for forgiveness

Things to do during Ramadan

Here are a few things you can do during Ramadan to get closer to our creator

10 Things to do During Ramadan in no particular order

• Read the Holy book(Al-Quran)

This is something you can do at your own convenient time whether you are on the move or not because we live in a digital world and there are e-versions of the holy book

If you can’t read the Arabic version, you can always read the English or Yoruba version or listen to the Al-Quran

• Intensify your effort in the remembrance of Allah, I.e: remember Allah in whatever you do in the month of Ramadan

• Prepare meals for your loved ones: This doesn’t necessarily have to be your immediate family, it could be your neighbors, colleagues at work even people you know that can’t afford a decent meal

• Reconnect with your old friends during iftar:

Ramadan is that month that brings people closer, people you haven’t heard from or seen in the longest time.

Ramadan has a way of bringing everyone together, especially during iftar and Taraweeh prayers

Things to do during Ramadan

• Volunteering during Ramadan is also one of the good things you can do during Ramadan. If it’s something you can do and you have the strength to do

Volunteering is an act of Ibadah and a lot of people and organizations always need volunteers during the month of Ramadan to help dispatch food parcels and packages

You can always volunteer at FTVF, there’s a room for you and you are always welcomed

• Donate/ Give Sadaqah during the holy month of Ramadan

• Maintain Celibacy: A lot of people might find this hard but Allah will make it easy for us all

Things to do during Ramadan

• Dress Appropriately during the month of Ramadan: My brothers and sisters in Islam let’s dress right and according to the Muslim doctrine during the holy month

• Do charity, give a lot of alms to the less privileged, donate to a great cause. There are a lot of organizations that feed the less privileged during Ramadan if you can’t be there physically, you can always donate to the organizations to feed the less privilege

You can donate to FTVF because we will be feeding people across 32 states in the country. You can donate HERE and share with people around you looking for where to donate

• Pray frequently during the month of Ramadan

This is something you ought to do always even before Ramadan, wake up in the middle of the night to pray and ask for forgiveness

Find the night of Majesty, I.e: Lailatul Quadri, and pray. Cry to your creator and most importantly pray with a good and clean heart and forgive the people around you who erred you

Make that call today and forgive that person, the people that wronged you, and also ask for forgiveness from the people you wronged

May Almighty Allah make it easy for us all

Things to do during Ramadan

Things to do during Ramadan

We have come to the end of the post and my next blog post might be after Ramadan.

Let’s keep the Month Holy, shall we? And Move closer to our creator

While I’m away, you can always catch up on my blog posts HERE



  1. Hey, thank you for the honorary mention!

    Volunteer, Feed The Vulnerable Families (FTVF) Foundation, Lagos State.

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