Hey Besties, welcome to another Styling post. Today, I would be showing you how to Style a Monochrome Outfit.

To begin with, What is Monochrome Outfit/Styling?

Monochrome outfit

Monochrome Outfit/ styling is simply wearing an outfit that is a single shade of color,( I.e: an outfit that is of the same color from head to toe).

A monochrome outfit may consist of several pieces, separates layers, textures, and slight color variants, but overall, the look is of one intentional color, I.e(same color, but could be in different material)

In this blog post, I will be showing you how I styled my monochrome outfit, in this case, it’s an all-black monochrome outfit

As we all know, black is a timeless color that goes with everything and anything and the most amazing part is it’s easy and simple to style.

Monochrome outfit

Black is one of the must-have color outfits in a lady’s wardrobe could be a Little black dress, a skirt, a shirt, or a two-piece outfit like mine

Black is also one of the wardrobe staples for all ladies with style and ladies that have great fashion sense.

Furthermore, As the queen of colors that I am, someone who hates boring outfits/ styling and someone who loves switching things up in her fashion style.

I decided to style my monochrome outfit with an orange purse to elevate the look and I settled for my shiny heels to make the outfit pop up very well

Monochrome Outfit

Below are some tips for wearing/ styling a Monochrome Outfit

7 Tips to wear/ Style your Monochrome Outfit

• Learn your skin tone
• Pick a color you want to rock
• Try different shades
• Mix different textures
• Inject Prints & Pattern
• Strike and balance
• Accentuate the right places in your body

Monochrome outfit

Monochrome outfit

In Conclusion, You can also style this with your sneakers and a nice crossbody bag in the color of your choice to elevate your look

Monochrome outfit: Tailored by Me
Bag: Mum’s wardrobe(now mine)
Heels and Sunglasses: Lagos Market


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