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Believe me, when I say this, a blazer dress can be dressed up or down for pretty much any occasion.

Hello, besties…LOL, you all are technically my besties since you read my blog post and share them, I do not take them for granted.

Welcome to another style post on the blog and I promise you’ll love it and I can’t wait to see you all gas me up in the comment section and recreate this.

Today, I will be showing you how I styled this beautiful blazer dress I made during covid but never got to rock it.

Like the popular saying, better late than never

I made this blazer dress In my favorite color of all time, I don’t have one favorite color, I love bright colors but pink has a special place in my heart.

As an ardent lover of bright colors, I decided to go all colorful with my pink blazer dress by styling it with my Neon Heels to make my outfit pop out, more colorful and beautiful at the same time.

If you are not a fan of mixing colors, here are 4 other ways you wear your blazer dress:

4 Ways to wear your Blazer Dress

• You can wear a blazer dress with strappy heels and a 90s mini bag for a day at the races.

• If you want a casual vibe, then style your blazer dress with a pair of cycling shorts, some super chunky trainers, and a cap.

• You can wear your blazer dress with a pair of sneakers for that simple and chic look if you don’t want to look serious for your next event be it a conference or a fashion show.

• You can also rock your Blazer dresses for weddings, you pair with mule heels and a matching bag.

They are the perfect option for someone who doesn’t want to feel too girly in the wedding photos, but still looks smart.

In conclusion, I was aiming for a colorful yet chic look with this outfit and I believe I did justice to it. Do let me know in the comment section and I look forward to you recreating this look.

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Outfit Details

Blazer dress: Tailored by Me
Bag, heels, and sunglasses: Lagos Market

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    1. Thank you and styling this with sneakers will look so good and stylish. Be sure to share me pictures when you do

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