Maxi skirt


Hello besties, Happy New Month, and welcome to the last lap of the first half of the year. It’s another day for a style post as usual and today we will be styling a maxi skirt in two beautiful ways or more.

As you all know, comfort and style are two things that I usually associate myself with. If it allows me to flaunt my figure while doing so, I’m all for it. That’s why I’m smitten with this maxi skirt.

What is a Maxi Skirt?

Maxi skirts are one of the most comfortable, flattering, and versatile pieces of clothing for women. Unfortunately, it isn’t the easiest to style. Even though it’s fashionable, choosing the wrong outfit to style it with can take away its glamor.

The style of your long skirt and how you wear it can make a great impact, even the most basic maxi skirt may look stunning with the right styling.

What do I love about this Maxi Skirt?
  • The color tops the list of the reasons why I love this skirt, also bright and colorful colors pop out more on my dark skin.
  • The material was a gift from my mum after begging for weeks, if not months.
  • The material and texture of the skirt are another reason why I love it, it’s so free and breathable.
  • The silt is everything for me, I love silt on my free dresses be it maxi dresses or skirts.
  • The length of the skirt is also one of the reasons I love the skirt.

My cousin said it’s a short skirt, because of the silt, she’s the only one seeing that though, this is a long skirt regardless of the silt.

Maxi skirt
Maxi skirt
Who can wear a Maxi Skirt?

Everyone can wear a maxi skirt, even petite and plus-sized people who think it makes them look dwarfy and overwhelmed but the right styling can make them look taller and leaner.

Where can a Maxi Skirt be worn?

Maxi skirts are suitable for different kinds of occasions, including work, casual, formal, street fashion, maternity, and modesty. A maxi skirt can be worn either low-waisted or high-waisted. They’re made of a range of fabrics, but most women prefer chiffon and satin because they’re more stylish.

Maxi skirt
Maxi skirt
How to style your Maxi Skirt?

The right blending of colors and styles is required when styling a maxi skirt.

  • If you are wearing it during the day like I did, you keep it simple and neutral by styling it with a white shirt or a white bodysuit.
  • You can also style with bright and stunning accessories in warm weather.
  • For a night out, style with an attractive top and the right accessories. I styled mine with a heel and sneakers, it all depends on your style and comfortability.

Maxi skirt

Maxi skirt

Maxi skirt

We’ve come to the end of the post, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Don’t forget to comment and share.

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