Black and White shirt dress


Hello besties, it’s been a minute, today I will be showing you how I styled my black and white floral shirt dress in two different ways.

But before that, where have I been? What have I been up to?

Black and White shirt dress

To begin with, I must apologize, I’m so sorry for disappearing without prior notice. I didn’t mean to, but things got overwhelming and sis had to take a break to recharge. The plan was to take a break for a week but I ended up being away for more than a month.

I don’t feel guilty though because it was peaceful.

I didn’t do much when I took time off social media, it was more of a ‘ME’ time, but I had a lot of time to reflect on myself, what I wanted to do with my life, where I have gone wrong, and ways I could become a better person.

I was supposed to go on a mini vacation, more like a weekend getaway but I canceled last minute because I wasn’t feeling up to it. Funny how I have been looking forward to it. But the only thing I wanted to do then was just to stay indoors, which I did.

Black and White shirt dress

Black and White shirt dress

I couldn’t stay put because I got bored in between, so I signed up for a mentorship program out of boredom, which I got into. I forgot I applied for a mentorship program, not until the mail came, that I got in, I didn’t even know I was going to get in and the mentorship program wasn’t bad.

Furthermore, I read a few books out of curiosity, and my curiosity grew day by day, so I decided to create a group for book reviews( books around marketing, copywriting, and content creation)

You can send me a DM on Instagram if you would love to join the book review group.

Black and White shirt dress

I also binged a whole lot of K-dramas for someone who has a short life span for movies, and I enjoyed it, few of the k-dramas I enjoyed in no particular order.

Rookie cops: This series showed me we can fight for the changes we want, and change people in power to be good and better people.

Shooting stars: This series showed me the life of someone in the Entertainment industry, the good and bad times, and funny how I could relate to the whole entertainment industry drama.

Weightlifting fairy Kim bok Joo: This series showed the sacrifices people make for their loved ones and the definition of true friendships.

Dali and the cocky prince: The fashion sense in this movie is a 100/100, like I love all the outfits the lead actress wore in this series, and this series depicts, that your enemies are closer to you than you think.

Please recommend k-dramas that aren’t more than one season,(16 episodes)

Black and White shirt dress

Black and White shirt dress

Now to the interesting part, but before that, let me show you how I styled my black and white floral shirt dress. I got this material when I did market runs with a friend sometime in May, it wasn’t part of what we budgeted for our market runs that day, my friend got her material and I saw this beautiful black and white material staring at me.

I told myself mentally, pretend you didn’t see it but I couldn’t, I had to get the material for myself. Even my friend was surprised I bought it, for someone that loves colored outfits and doesn’t play with neutral colors, I guess there’s no harm in trying new things.

Black and white shirt dress

Black and White shirt dress

I decided to make something simple and classy with the material, something easy and I would love to wear, so I settled for this shirt dress, and I’m glad I did because I love it.

I decided to style it in two different ways, with sneakers, and with mules. I like the sneaker styling better though, I’m forever a sneakers girl.

Black and White shirt dress

Which of the styling do you love, sneakers or mules? Let me know in the comment section

Now to the interesting part, I skipped earlier on, I have a baby you all, and by baby I mean a new brand, launched a new brand a few days ago and I don’t know how I feel.


Although it still feels like a dream, because it all started from a thought, and now it’s a brand live on Instagram, the brand name is ESTILOYUDA, you can check it out HERE, trust me when I say this, you’ll love it.

Hint: it’s related to fashion, but something you didn’t expect. It’s going to WOW you.

Black and White shirt dress

Black and White shirt dress

In conclusion, I’m back and better this time, I’m looking forward to the k-dramas recommendation in the comment section, and most importantly please patronize ESTILOYUDA, you’ll love it.
In case you missed my last blog post on gratitude, you can check it out HERE

You can also read more about our first product, at Estiloyuda HERE


  1. It is good to take a break sometimes cause we need to be physically and emotionally fit and I will be looking forward to your new brand🥰🥰🥰

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