Camo cargo pants


Hey, besties, we are officially in the era of big pants, and many pockets, you must be wondering what I’m talking about. Well, I’m talking about cargo pants. Today, I’ll be showing you how to wear camo cargo pants.

Cargo pants and combat pants are the same, it’s the materials that differ.


Camo cargo pants

Back to my blog post, as I said earlier, I will be showing you how to wear camo cargo pants and also share with you other ways, you can style yours.

P.S: I might be making part 2 of this post, showing a different way to wear camo cargo pants.

To begin with, cargo pants are so comfy and stylish, I believe everyone looks good in cargo pants, it’s always a hit with cargo pants, never a miss, but it depends on how you style it.

If you own cargo pants or a couple of cargo pants but don’t know how to style them, I’ll be sharing ways to style them with you, you should stick around.

Camo cargo pants

Camo cargo pants

I got these camo cargo pants from my brother or should I say took it from his wardrobe perks of having senior brothers whose pants size you.

Like I said earlier, we are in the era of big pants, and many pockets, and for this, we have to thank our ’ the 90s/aesthetic founding mothers: Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Affleck (née Lopez).

Camo cargo pants
What are Cargo pants?

According to Oxford, they are loose-fitting casual cotton trousers with large patch pockets halfway down each leg. But for me, cargo pants are defined as any pants, with many pockets.

I used to hate cargo pants, don’t judge me, maybe because they always looked ugly to me because of the people I see that wear them around me, but with time I started seeing different types of cargo pants, in different colors and textures, then I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it out

My brother got me my first cargo pants, it’s black and I could wear them every day if I’m allowed to, It’s still in my wardrobe. That was how cargo pants entered the list of fashion items I loved wearing, I don’t know if it’s because of the many pockets it has, because it is comfortable, or because it automatically gives me a big butt.

Fun fact: Everyone has a big butt in cargo pants, it’s a discovery I found, don’t ask me how 😂😂
Camo cargo pants
Camo cargo pants
10 Ways to Wear your cargo pants

• With a statement crop top and sneakers for a streetwear look.
• White or Neutral Top, Bright Cargo Pants, and a Contrasting Bag for a funky twist.
• Sleek Blouse, Straight Leg Cargos, and Leather Belt for a professional look
• Black Tank, Dark Green Cargo, and Black Sneakers for an edgy look
• White T-Shirt, and Two-Toned Cargo Pants for an artsy look
• Puff-Sleeve Shirt, Cargo Pants, and Combat Boots for a mix of masculine and feminine look
• Graphic Tee, Camo Cargo Pants, and Tennis Shoes for a sportier look
• Neutral Top, Neutral Cargo, and Black Trench Coat for a cool city girl look.
• White Tank, Cargo Pants, Flannel Shirt, and Sunglasses for that comfy look
• An oversized t-shirt, a pair of sneakers, sunglasses, and a face cap that has a color of the cargo pants like I styled mine below to give that edgy, vintage, streetwear, cool kid look

Camo cargo pants

Camo cargo pants

Camo cargo pants

In conclusion, my personal preference for cargo pants is that they should, if possible, be pre-owned, or secondhand because you would be surprised at what you’ll find in your favorite thrift store that sells cargo pants.

I’m not saying new ones, are bad, they are good because you get to choose what you want, and the colors you want them, but when you get a secondhand one, you don’t know what you’ll be getting, and it’s not going to be in circulation like what everyone around you has.

It’s going to be unique, and it’s always exciting when you don’t know the kind of cargo pants you’ll be getting in your favorite thrift store.

Camo cargo pants

Camo cargo pants

Camo cargo pants
P.S: I do not know a thrift store, you can get cargo pants, just look around your area, or where you know they sell second-handed clothes.

We’ve come to the end of the blog post, I hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Be expecting part 2 of this blog post, where I’ll be styling these cargo pants in a baddie way( I’m a good girl I promise)

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Till next time besties 😊😊



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