Happy New Month besties, and happy independence day to my Nigeria besties. Today’s blog post will be a little different from what you’ve always read here, I’ll share with you things you probably don’t know about me.

Welcome to the last quarter of the year 

But before that, it’s less than 3 months for 2022 to come to an end, how has the year been, has it been going as planned or you’ve just been winging it as I have?

Things you don't know about Theaduni

Things you don't know about Theaduni


This year has shown me sheege, with a lot of omoooooo, and had I know the situation but I’m hoping the few days left in 2022 will be with ease and also soft for me.

I launched 2 products this year, and I haven’t made any sales, but that isn’t going to stop me, I believe my time is coming, and I’m probably doing something wrong which I haven’t figured out yet

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Now, to today’s blog post. I’ll be sharing with you things you probably don’t know about me in no particular order

Things you don't know about Theaduni

Things you don't know about Theaduni

20 Things you probably don’t know about Me

1. I get angry easily, this might sound surprising to some people because I smile a lot but the way I smile is the same way I get angry

2. I tolerate people and things I’m not supposed to. I have let people step all over me in the past, all in the name of no one knows tomorrow

3. I love learning new things, it’s what I enjoy doing except for school-related things they bore me

4. I’m a certificate collector if there’s a thing like that. I like seeing different certificates with my name on them, it gives me joy

5. When I ask people about something, there’s a 99.9% chance I know about it, just wanted to confirm or see you deny it

6. I always act clueless/ dumb when I’m in a new place or space, even if I know whatever it is we are doing or what we are to do, I’ll pretend I don’t because I believe if I do, I won’t get to learn new things.

7. I’m always stupid when I’m in love, I’ll dump my life, and help my partner build his, friendships inclusive but not anymore, this was part of the sheege I saw this year.

8. I’m big on friendships, and I drop whatever it is I’m doing just to make my friend comfortable or make myself available when they need me, learning how to stop this by the way.

9. I love my personal space, there’s an exception to(next point)

10. I’m clingy and love attention when I’m in a relationship

Things you don't know about Theaduni

11. I prefer boiled meat or roasted meat to fried ones. I don’t like groundout oil at all or let me just say, I don’t like fried things

12. I get bored watching movies, all the movies have seen in my life, I fast forward to the end. The reason why you can’t see a movie with me

13. I love kemps cracker Biscuit(yellow cracker), you can kidnap me with this 😂

14. I prefer sneakers to any type of footwear

15. I haven’t worn half of the clothes in my wardrobe, and the ones have worn, I only used them to snap pictures and dumped them.Things you don't know about Theaduni

P.S: I don’t have enough clothes 🥺


16. I can only eat onion chicken noodles, and I don’t know how to eat shawarma, not a fan of canned food either, can’t eat sardine, the list is endless 😂

17. I don’t like making my hair, and when I do, I get tired of it after a week, but SAPA has me on choke hold like this, I must learn how to continue loving my hair till I take it out.

18. I don’t know how to introduce myself, my brain freezes when I’m asked to introduce myself.

19. I give people second chances because I believe everyone can change and everyone deserves a chance to prove his/herself

20. I have done a whole lot of great things but I don’t give myself credit for them.Things you don't know about Theaduni

Things you don't know about Theaduni

Like burna said, my problem is “I too Sabi”

I think I’ll just stop here, and probably make a part two of this post. Which of these things do you know about me, or what do you know about me that isn’t on the list? Kindly let me know in the comment section.

In conclusion, less than 3 months before 2022 ends, your dreams are still valid, there’s still hope, don’t give up yet, you can do it, you aren’t stupid, they’ll all celebrate you soon, you are going to be great, you wait and seeThings you don't know about Theaduni

Things you don't know about theaduni

I think I need these words more than you do, by the way, 😂😂

Till next time besties

You can catch up on my last blog post HERE, where I styled a Camo Cargo Pants


  1. Tolulope Ogunjobi

    Hmmmmm…. I’ve finally caught you😅, na you cast yourself sha.

    Thank you for letting this out and yes, it’s less than 3months, your dreams, Dunnie are all valid, there’s hope for you, don’t give up.

    Your besties are rooting for you.

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