How to wear a monochrome outfit


Hey besties, happy new month once again, welcome to another style post, today I will be showing you how to wear a monochrome outfit, and also share with you tips on how you can wear yours.

Before that, funny how it’s less than 30 days to my birthday(November 3rd), and I think I might be the only one who doesn’t get excited about her birthday, oh well, we move regardless.

How to wear a monochrome outfit

Like I said earlier,  I’ll be showing you how to wear a monochrome outfit and I’m wearing one of my favorite colors in today’s blog post, so excited.

To begin with, what is a monochrome outfit?

According to Wikipedia, a Monochrome outfit is a full dress combination that uses only variations of a single color, usually differing only in lightness and darkness.

The word “monochromatic” breaks down into two pieces: “mono” meaning single and “chromatic” meaning color. So a monochromatic outfit would consist of pieces of one color.

This does not imply that you would wear nothing but all-black or all-red attire. No, the appeal of a monochromatic ensemble is wearing several tones and shades of the same color; they are monochromatic colors.

Layman defines monochrome as wearing one color outfit or outfits of the same color from head to toe

How to wear a monochrome outfit

How to wear a monochrome outfit

We’ve all worn a monochrome outfit on our lazy days, unknowingly mostly black pants and a black top but Nigerians have this myth that we only wear black when mourning this is a different theory entirely.

Monochrome outfits can be challenging to pull off, even while it can appear easier to do, switching from black to brighter, bolder, or lighter neutrals can be tricky.

If done correctly, your monochrome outfit can make you a crowd and show stopper, all eyes will be on you if worn and styled the right way

How to wear a monochrome outfit

How to wear a monochrome outfit

5 Tips on how to wear a Monochrome outfit looking stylish and elegant

1. Know your skin tone: We all have different skin tones, and colors pop differently on our skin when we wear them. Once, you know your skin tone, you’ll know the right and best color that pops out more on your skin. If you are confused as to which color blends and matches your skin tone.

You can start with gathering clothes of different colors, and try them on till you find which works for your skin best.

Personally, bright colors pop out more, and blend well with my skin, I’m caramel skinned by the way.

2. Pick a color you want to wear: Once you know the color or colors that work well with your skin, the next thing to do is decide on the color you want to wear, and pair them with different shades or not.

For example, baby pink and fuchsia pink

How to wear a monochrome outfit

How to wear a monochrome outfit

3. Wear Different Textures: If you want to look sophisticated and edgy, then you wear different textures of your chosen or desired color, bag, and shoes inclusive

For example, Jeans pants, cotton tops, leather bags, birken shoes, or sneakers, all of the same color but different shades and textures.

4. Highlight the Right Places on Your Body
We all have a part of our body we love most. I love my legs the most so I’m always looking for pants that know how to bring the best out of my legs. Talk about wide-leg pants or short skirts that show off my legs

A little skin here and there wouldn’t hurt

How to wear a monochrome outfit

5. Balance: No matter how you style or what you decide to wear, make sure you strike a balance in your outfit, so you don’t look all over the place and scattered. Balance isn’t only for monochrome outfits, it is also important in all outfits.

You do not want the one color to overwhelm you because it tends to get overwhelming when trying out a monochrome outfit for the first time. You want it to be monochrome look tall, beautiful, and lean, you don’t want to look all shabby.

How to wear a monochrome outfit

Here are some questions to answer before wearing your monochrome outfit

Should I layer my outfit?
• Should I wear accessories or put in small color splashes?

•Does my outfit have any asymmetry or strong leading lines??
•Is the different color shades balanced?

In Conclusion, monochrome outfits are fun to style and you can choose to add a twist to them as I did, I decided to style mine with a blue bag and sneakers, because there are no rules when it comes to fashion, that too a monochrome outfit, just make sure it doesn’t overwhelm you and find a balance.

How to wear a monochrome outfit

How to wear a monochrome outfit

Till next time besties, I hope you enjoyed this blog post, don’t forget to comment and share.

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