How to stop comparing yourself to others


Hello besties, welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is going to be more of a motivational one, as I will be sharing with you How to stop comparing yourself to others.

We are all guilty of comparing ourselves, or should I say we have all compared ourselves to others in past, which is normal but isn’t right, but then it is what it is

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How to stop comparing yourself to others

I will be sharing with you how to stop comparing yourself to others, most of you must be saying, not me though, I don’t compare myself to others, I have never compared myself to others, go through the checklist below to see if you are guilty or not

  • What is so special about her anyways?
  •  What is she doing that I can’t do?
  •  I can do exactly what she’s doing/or what she just did.
  •  I’m pretty sure someone is bankrolling her
  •  She’s probably into something illegal for her to have amassed all this wealth and luxuries
  •  He’s using jazz for him to be more successful than us all
  •  I taught him everything he knows, how come he has more than me?
  •  I’m sure she’s wearing inferior items
  •  She probably borrowed everything she’s wearing
  •  He’s just pretending so people would help him
The list is endless


How to stop comparing yourself to others

How to stop comparing yourself to others

Now, ask yourself: Have you ever said this or asked this question about someone, if not one or two on this list, reason why I said we are all guilty?

For most of us, it happens subconsciously, coupled with imposter syndrome, that’s the real ghetto but there’s a way for you to stop comparing yourself to others, that way you get to live a happy and healthy life

5 ways to stop comparing yourself to others

1. Contentment: This is the first thing if you want to be happy in life, and not compare yourself to others, because if you are content with whatever you have, there’s no way you would compare yourself to others, you wouldn’t even have that thought.

Oh, they are having chicken, but it’s only fish you can afford, my dear eat it and be proud of it, at least you didn’t steal nor beg to buy it.

You that worked and bought fish today, can also work and buy a full chicken tomorrow.

2. Rejoice with other people I.e: share in their happiness: If you rejoice and celebrate with people when they have won, yours will surely come. Sometimes, not the way you expected, or as soon as you expected, but it will surely come, rejoice with other people, ease unnecessary tension from your body, and live a good life.

How to stop comparing yourself to others

How to stop comparing yourself to others

3. Learn from others: When I see people compare themselves and form unnecessary hatred to someone they should be learning from, I just shake my head and laugh because no matter what you think you know, or how dumb you think the person is, you’ll surely learn something new, there are exceptions tho.

The reason why I always act clueless when I’m in a new space, even if I know whatever it is they want to talk about or teach, I would not say a word, because I don’t want to be the smartest in the room.

People will take from you continuously, join with what they have, and you haven’t learned anything new.

My point is, don’t compare someone’s Level 50 to your own Level 1, life doesn’t work that way.

4. Block them from your feed or WhatsApp to protect your mental health: This works for me, someone lied against me earlier this year just so she could do what I use to do in a certain place, I told myself everything happens for a reason, a few months after, I saw her status, working on something I orchestrated before I left, I muted her status for a while just so I wouldn’t hate her.

She celebrated a win afterward and I still celebrated and wished her, no hard feelings. Turns out, all I needed to do was to mute her status for a while, then I asked myself, does it worth it, what if she did it unknowingly, so I eased my mind towards her, spoke to her about it and everything is fine

How to stop comparing yourself to others

How to stop comparing yourself to others

5. Focus on yourself: This is important, if you are so focused on yourself you won’t be worried about anyone else, what they do, or where they are at, for you to start comparing yourself.

Just do you and mind your business Girl because there’s no one like you

People are watching, you are encouraging a lot of people that you don’t know of, so why are you comparing yourself to others, when you are the real deal yourself, you be spec, complete package.

I always tell people around me, to celebrate people genuinely, and see how things work out for them, it might not be as you expected or imagined, but every little thing matter no matter how small it is because slow progress is still progress

You don’t want to be the second version of someone else, it’s unhealthy

How to stop comparing yourself to others

How to stop comparing yourself to others

Till next time besties, I hope you enjoyed reading this, don’t forget to share it with people you know who might need it.

How to stop comparing yourself to others
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