Hey Besties, this is a different kind of blog post you would usually see here. Today, I will be sharing my inner creativity with you as I share with you how I revamped my mum Iro and Buba into a dress, or maybe my mum did, and I just added my input where needed.

To begin with, allow me to brag that creativity runs in my family because my mum designed the fabric herself, and this fabric may or may not be older than me, but at least I’m the one wearing it now.

My mum gifted me this Iro and Buba sometime last year, and I didn’t know what to make with it but I knew I loved the fabric, and I like something extra, so I took my time 

What is Iro and Buba?

Iro and Buba” is a traditional attire worn by women in Nigeria, especially among the Yoruba ethnic group. 

The “Iro” is a wrapper or cloth that is tied around the waist and extends down to ankle-length or calf-length, depending on the style. It is typically wrapped in a way that creates pleats and is secured firmly around the waist.

The “Buba” is a loose-fitting, usually short-sleeved blouse or top that is worn over the “Iro.” It can vary in length, but it is often designed to be comfortably loose and flowy.

The “Iro and Buba” make up a traditional Yoruba outfit that is not only stylish but also comfortable and suitable for various occasions, including weddings, cultural celebrations, and other special events. The combination of the two garments is a classic and elegant choice for women in Nigerian fashion.

A Little Back Story

I mentioned earlier that my mum designed the fabric herself because she’s so creative and safe to say I got my creativity from my mum. She made this far back in the 1990s when she was still a student in her fashion school, this was one of her final projects, and this is the second fabric she designed herself that I revamped.

The first was a fabric she designed from organza and phonics thread. See below 👇👇 

Organza dress

She made this from silk, don’t know what the thick thread is called, but I loved the color, and the design on the fabric, It’s giving everything it is supposed to give, and it’s only right for me to make an outfit that would stand out from this back story

The Present

I inherited the Iro and Buba from my mum, and I searched for the perfect inspiration to create with the fabric, something I would love, comfortable, and stylish, and I think I found all in this dress

I showed my mum the inspiration and she added her touch to it to create this beautiful dress. I’m wearing a piece from the 1900s and it looked so good.

Would you have known, this fabric was from the 1900’s if I didn’t tell you? I bet you wouldn’t,  you’ll most likely be wondering where I got the fabric from.

Where to wear this dress to

With the right accessories, shoes, and bag. This dress can be worn for  different occasions such as:

  • The Beach
  • Picnic with friends
  • A Wedding
  • A color-themed party
  • Work on a Friday
  • A Fashion Event
  • A fashion-themed party
  • Religious Gatherings and so much more  

Have I been able to convince you that creativity runs in my family?

Do you love the dress?

Is this something you would want to wear?

Don’t forget to share this with someone who might need this, that you can make something out of nothing, and that idea you have that you think doesn’t make sense, trust me it does, and the world can’t wait to see it

I trust you, and so does the universe!!

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