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Hey besties, welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is a gratitude post for 2022

I know I have been away for a longest time, and I have no excuse this time I was just lazy, or not. Better still, I couldn’t balance and keep track of what was happening in my life, everything was so overwhelming.

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Today’s post is a gratitude post for 2022, what I have learned, things I am grateful for, and anticipation for the new year. This blog post might be wordy or not, but it’s going to be full of gratitude

P.S.: I started writing this blog post on the first day of December 2022, and I finished writing it a few days before the end of 2022. I’m not lazy I promise


2022 was an interesting year, I was tested in ways I didn’t expect. I learned the true meaning of don’t say it can’t happen to you, and also experienced it, LOL. It was the darkest moment of my life this year, and the most challenging. I kept asking myself how did I get here, and what did I do to deserve this, it wasn’t the best but now when I think about it, I can only Thank God

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I experienced friendships ( both male and female) on another level in 2022, and it’s one of the highlights of my year. The way my friends came all out for me this year was so beautiful and amazing, what have I done to deserve these sweet friends God blessed me with, but hard girls don’t cry.

Arike was the friend that pushed me the most in 2022, the friend that recommended me the most, and also the friend that made me learn new things and believed in me, more than I believed in myself.

Olivia is my soul sister, and that one person I can call and run to, no matter what it is, what time it is, my prayer warrior, she’s always there, we’ve had our differences, we’ve argued, but no one knows me better than Livvy

Amina is that friend that cares about you, but like doing commando, but never call aminah when you have an emergency

Kanyinsola is my sweet friend that is always confused about things but she’s always ready to help me, even when she’s confused about what’s going on in her life

Febishola my sweet and annoying friend, we hardly talk but the bond is there, just one text or call, and he’s listening to me and looking for solutions

 Temilayo is one of the friends that we barely talk, but she’s that friend that cares about you, best in recommendations, and is also one of the friends that surprised me this year

Ayinke neighbor-turned-sister, my ever-supportive, cheerleader, is best at advice and calming me down

Sheriff, you are a real one not going to lie, you almost ruined our friendship, but you were there for me in 2022, and I’m grateful for that

Oreoluwa my guy, 2022 won’t be complete without ore in it, I was losing it, this boy came to my house, and I was surprised, ore is that friend, that is always there, and ever supportive.

Aduni: Ore, I want to do this and that 

Ore: How do we go about it, what do you need, should I start telling people 

Ore is already planning things in his head, and I’m always like bros, relaxxxx

This is me openly appreciating my friends, I love you muchachos, and I’m so glad I have people like you in my corner, let’s do more this year.

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Good risks

I challenged myself this year, I learned new things, and I did things I didn’t know I could do, I didn’t blow my trumpet this year, but my friends did. Yet, when I look at the things have done, or projects I have been opportune to work on, I always tell myself, aduni, you too Sabi

This year (2023), I will blow my trumpet myself ( but sometimes, it’s good to be lowkey) but one thing I will stop doing is limiting myself.

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What I Did in 2022

  • I wrote a book in 2022
  • Been in and out of jobs
  • Started a new business
  • Worked with amazing brands
  • Got certifications in different fields
  • Re-branded an old business
  • Registered my business, and started working on it, but couldn’t launch it this year
  • Met new and amazing people
  • Cut ties with some people
  • I learned new things(2022 was my learning year)
  • Finally, I put a lot of people in their places, to avoid stories that touch

2023, we make lots of money by God’s Grace and put my businesses in your faces. Please support me in any way you can in 2023, I can’t do this alone

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2022 was a chill year for me, I rested most times this year because I was always tired (not lazy) but I also experienced new and amazing things

  • I met people that showed me my opinion mattered.
  • People that wanted to listen to me talk.
  • People that wanted to listen to my idea even when I thought my ideas were dumb, believed in me and cheered me on.
  • People said to me, I Trust Aduni to deliver and I did 

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2022, I learned people are ready to throw you under the bus for their selfish interest while you were just looking out for them, and it wasn’t pleasant, I wouldn’t have thought they would do that to me ever, but then it is what it is.

You only know what you can do, don’t trust anyone

I was let down by the people I trusted the most, was disrespected, cried, and tried new foods. I have been happy I have been sad, and I found solace in alcohol, even though, I have zero tolerance for it. I was depressed in 2022, and it was the real ghetto.


One of the things I learned how to do most in 2022, was to hide my pains, no matter what I’m going through, I will always smile, and cheer you ON because there’s no point in being vulnerable

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Although I have been vulnerable in front of some people, I cried my eyes out, slept, woke up, and moved on with my life, because there’s no point sulking over spilled beans, we move regardless


2022 was the year I became stronger and more assertive, and I had more losses in 2022 than wins, I was so sure I was going to have my biggest WIN this year, but then, it is what it is


2022 showed me to prioritize myself more, and also showed me people don’t deserve the pity you think they do, most importantly people are just lying for their selfish interest to get whatever it is they want at the moment, and once they do, they ghost.

No matter, how touching your story is, all I have to offer this year is, awwwwwww, so sorry, God will come through for you. People are terrible and they just want to use you, your head, and your pity.

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Yet again, it’s going to be all about me this year (2023), and I’m not sorry about it. All in All, 2022 was a good year, regardless of whatever happened.


2023, I find Love or not 🤭🤭, I could try and let someone Love me, but then, money first because what’s the point of finding love without money, it’s just a waste of time.

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  1. God Abeeggggg😂The only appreciation post I received 🥺, this year we do badddddddddd oo,cauusssssssssee we cant continue let these people to use our heads 😂🌚, more wins and blessings coming Insha Allah❤️

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